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How The Executor Of An Estate Can Get A Replacement Title For A Deceased Person’s Vehicle

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One of the main duties of an executor of an estate is to liquidate the estate’s assets. The money raised by the liquidation is used to pay back the creditors of the deceased person and to give the rest to the beneficiaries of the estate. This would include selling any vehicles that have been turned over to the estate for liquidation. The process of selling the vehicles can be hampered if you can’t find the title to one or more of the vehicles. A car title acts as the official proof of ownership in most states and you won’t be able to sell the vehicle without one. If you are an executor of an estate in Virginia and you need to get a replacement title for a vehicle so you can sell it, here is an overview of the process you will have to follow to get the replacement.

Legal Documents

The first thing you will have to do is prove that you have the authority to act on behalf of the estate to get the new title. The authority to act as an executor is given in one of two ways: you are appointed by the deceased person to act as their executor in the will, or a court appoints you to act as the executor. You will need to supply a copy of the will, or the appointment papers, when requesting a new title for a car you want to liquidate.

Form VSA 66

You will be required to fill out form VSA 66, which is called an “Application for Supplemental Liens or Transfer Liens for Replacement and Supplemental Titles”. The executorship papers give you the authority to sign the form on behalf of the deceased person. You will file this form along with copies of the executorship appointment papers, or will, and a certified or notarized death certificate to the state.


Any liens on the vehicle must be paid off before a clean title is issued that will allow you to transfer the ownership it to a buyer. Probate laws might affect your ability to sell other assets from the estate to pay off the existing liens as creditors have to be given time to make claims against the estate. Creditors can file a claim up until a “Debt and Demands” hearing as taken place. In this case, you can either loan money to the estate to pay off the liens, or you can wait until the estate has been fully probated so you can sell assets and use the money raised as you see fit.

You can sell the car once you get all the proper documentation together and all the liens are paid off. Contact a business, such as Vintage Titles, for more information.   

Rust: Identifying And Preventing It Before It Affects Your Car

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Rust is not only unsightly, it can also cause serious damage to the body of your car. Once rust begins, it cannot be stopped and will spread quickly as it eats away at the metal of your vehicle, causing irreparable damage. People who live in areas with a lot of snowy weather or near the ocean tend to be the most susceptible to dealing with rust issues. The key to having a rust-free car is to be able to recognize it and then stop it before it spreads.

Causes Of Rust

Whenever you drive over rocky terrain or when debris from the road hits the underside of your vehicle, it causes tiny nicks and scratches in the paint to form. As the paint gets chipped away, it exposes bare metal underneath. Over time, the metal will rust especially when it gets wet or affected by salt from the road after snow removal or salt from ocean water. As the rust starts to eat away at the metal, it begins to spread and can cause holes in your automobile’s body and undercarriage. Dirt and grime that sticks to your car can collect moisture. Any moisture that settles and sits atop metal is another common cause for rusting. 

How To Spot Rust

Many times, people aren’t aware that rust has affected their vehicle until there are gaping holes or even chunks of metal that begin to fall off or come loose. Often, rust forms underneath your vehicle where you don’t normally look. Be aware of your area’s weather and road conditions and monitor the undercarriage of your car every few months, particularly if the weather has been snowy or you live in close proximity to the ocean. Both of these situations have conditions that make the possibility of rust more likely. Look under your wheel wells, behind the tires, and behind your fenders. These areas are also very common places where rust starts to form.

Preventing Rust

In order to be sure that rust won’t cause serious damage to your car, you’ll need to take preventative measures to either prevent it completely or stop it from spreading further. Undercoating rust protection sealants can be applied to the underbody of your car that will provide it with a protective layer. Just be aware that these sealants can wear off over time and should be reapplied every so often depending on how badly it’s been worn down. A great way to keep rust at bay is to simply have touch up paint on hand and whenever you notice any scratches or nicks in your paint, touch it up immediately. The new paint will keep that area protected and sealed before it’s too late. Wash your car’s undercarriage and wheel wells once a month to keep it clean and free of dirt and debris. With a few simple preventative measures, you have a good chance of stopping rust before it starts.

Why Is Your Roof Leaking?

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Contrary to what you might think, a roof leak is not always caused by missing or damaged shingles. In fact, most of the time when a roof is leaking, the shingles will appear to be just fine! Here’s a look at some more common causes you should consider when water starts trickling in from above.

Cracked or Damaged Flashing

Flashing is sheets of metal that are fitted around chimneys and into joints in your roof. If the flashing becomes damaged, water can seep in underneath it and ultimately leak into your home. Flashing damage can range from rust to cracks in the metal and peeling of the flashing away from the home. You can fix small spots of damage by applying a coat of roofing sealant over the damaged area. (Follow package instructions on the roofing sealant). However, if the damage is over a larger area of the flashing – for instance if a crack runs through the entire piece of flashing – you may want to have your roofing company replace the flashing entirely.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are supposed to direct water off of the roof so it does not pool. If they don’t work properly, water may accumulate on the roof in stagnant pools. And a pool of water can slowly seep through tiny cracks and nail holes. Climb up onto a ladder and check to ensure there’s no debris like leaves or dirt clogging your gutters. If you spot debris, scoop it out. Check to make sure your downspouts are working by pouring water into your gutter and watching to make sure it runs out the downspout. If the downspout itself is clogged, you can remove it and use a long wire, broom handle, or similar item to push the debris through it.

A Poorly Sealed Skylight

If you have a skylight and your roof is leaking anywhere near where the skylight is installed, you can bet the skylight is the issue. The water won’t always come in right by the skylight. It may trickle down a support beam and then leak into your home a few feet away. Skylights need to be carefully installed in order to prevent water from leaking in around them. If your roofing contractor did not seal the skylight properly – or if they did not install wide enough flashing – this could be letting water seep through. If your skylight is older, the leak is a sign it’s time to have it inspected and re-sealed.

If your roof is leaking, don’t just assume it’s the shingles. Often, the flashing, gutters, or skylight are to blame. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

Car Stereos 101: 4 Add-Ons To Consider Incorporating In To Your Audio System

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A high-quality car stereo system is an important feature for many vehicle owners. In today’s world, these systems do far more than just play music. While this is very handy, it can also make choosing a car stereo difficult. Fortunately, you can make your selection easier by knowing what features you want in your audio system. 

So what features should you consider adding to your car stereo system? Here are four handy features:

1. GPS System

If you like to go on road trips, a GPS navigation system might be something you should consider. These handy systems will give you turn-by-turn directions to anywhere you need to go. While you can get these systems separately, you can also get them integrated directly in to your stereo system. If you opt for the integrated system, you will likely need a touch-screen display—so keep that in mind.

2. HD and Satellite Radio

Another feature you might want to consider incorporating in to your audio system is HD and satellite radio. These two radio services offer you plenty of music, news, and sports broadcasts to choose from. You can also listen in high-definition quality, which ensures that everything you listen to will be crystal clear. While these features certainly aren’t necessary, they can be handy if you enjoy listening to a variety of tunes or podcasts. 

3. Audio Inputs

You should also consider the type of music you like to listen to on a regular basis. If you just listen to CD’s, you won’t need anything above a standard stereo system. However, if you like to listen to music from an MP3 player or your smart phone, you might want to consider a system that features auxiliary-input jacks. Additionally, you might want to consider adding a place to charge your devices; as using them to stream music can take its toll on their batteries.

4. DVD Capabilities

Finally, you might want to consider adding a DVD playback feature to your stereo system. While not necessary, this can be incredibly handy for long road trips. Additionally, these can be very handy for keeping children entertained. If you do choose to add this feature, make sure that you get an additional screen so that riders can view the movie from all seats.

While choosing a car stereo system (such as one from Safe & Sound) might seem easy, it can quickly become overwhelming with all of the options available today. If you are interested in purchasing a new system for your vehicle, make sure you consider adding one (or all) of these options. Not only will adding these increase the value of your vehicle, but they will also make driving easier and more enjoyable.

Services To Help Your Car Run Healthy

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If you have recently purchased a car and want to do everything possible to ensure that it will last a long time before you have to replace it, then there are a few services that you will want to stay on top of when it comes to your car’s maintenance. A few things to do on a regular basis are the following:

Replace Engine Oil:

While your engine works hard, your engine oil is working hard too but for different reasons. Engine oil works very hard to not only keep your engine cool but to lubricate each moving component associated with your engine. This means, if your engine oil isn’t working properly, there could be dangerous friction for the moving parts in your engine, which can cause your engine to overheat and potentially fail on you. So, to engine your engine continues to run smooth and cool, be sure to replace your engine oil on a regular basis.

Install New Engine Components:

While your engine is a key factor in your engine’s health, there are other critical components that can help your engine remain healthy for a longer period of time. So, before you overlook some engine maintenance, be sure that you are replacing spark plugs, air filters, and your timing belt when needed, as these components can help your engine run more efficient and with less stress, which can allow your vehicle to run for a longer period of time.

Stay On Top of Your Fuel Levels:

Staying on top of your fuel levels like your radiator fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid can help you avoid overheating, brake complication, and issues shifting gears, which can very well save you from costly and major car damages down the road. Along with saving you money by you being able to avoid costing repairs, you will also notice a better performance from your vehicle, which is a great benefit to have while utilizing your current car for your daily commute.

Applying and taking full advantage of these tips are a great way to keep the performance and reliability of your vehicle in great standings. Not only will this help you boost the lifespan of your vehicle, but it can also allow you to get better performance and better fuel economy out of your vehicle while it is your daily car. Contact a local mechanic, like those at Dean’s Automotive Service Center or a similar location, for more tips and info.

3 Common Problems With Auto Paint And How To Resolve Them

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When you own a vehicle, not only do you want to be sure that it runs properly at all times, but you also want to be sure that it stays in good condition. One problem many people run into is problems with the paint on the exterior of their vehicle, which makes their vehicles appear worn, old, and weathered. Here are three common problems with auto paint and how you can resolve them:


Over time, the paint on your vehicle can become stained because of bird droppings, the tar on the roads, and more. This kind of staining can typically be resolved by washing your car with hot water and drying it thoroughly. If this doesn’t work, you will want to sand the area and have it polished. If necessary, you can sand the paint down to the metal and have it repainted and polished. To prevent this from happening in the future, be sure to always remove dirt and bird droppings from your vehicle as soon as you notice it by simply rinsing the area with water. Try to avoid parking in areas that get hit with a lot of bird droppings and areas that are covered by sappy trees. 


Cracks in the paint on your vehicle can definitely be unsightly. Eventually cracks can form just from being in the sun, which is why it’s best to park in the garage or in the shade whenever possible. To fix cracked paint, you are going to have to remove the paint that is cracked, sand the area, and then have it repainted. Be sure that you go to an auto body shop that provides high-quality paint jobs because this is also going to help you avoid having to deal with cracked paint in the future. This is because paint that is applied too thickly onto the surface of your vehicle eventually cracks.


Chips in the paint that show the metal surface of your vehicle are typically the result of being in a small accident or even someone slamming your car with their own car door while parked. These small chips can definitely be frustrating. The best way to repair it is sand only the small area of the chip and have it repainted. To avoid this problem, be sure that you avoid parking in tight parking spaces where people can accidentally bump your car with their door. 

By knowing these common problems and how to fix them, you can keep your car’s appearance in the best possible condition, which makes it much easier to re-sell in the future.

For more information, go to sites online for auto paint professionals.

Steering Wheel Repair Tips

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If you have an old car that has a cracked wooden steering wheel, you likely want to make sure that you repair and restore it in order to make sure that the car remains comfortable to drive. Here are some tips that you can use to repair your cracked steering wheel.

1. Remove the Wheel and Prep It

Your first step is to take the wheel out of your car and clean it thoroughly using a mild detergent and warm water. Once you have completed that, spray it with a paint preparation solution. This paint preparation solution can be found at hardware stores and auto repair shops. It is used to more thoroughly remove the oils that may have transferred from your hands so that the paint sticks properly and will not degrade too quickly. Allow the solution to dry.

2. Sand the Wheel

Next, take a medium-grit sandpaper and sand the entire wheel. Finish the job by sanding it again with a fine-grit sandpaper. Your goal, when sanding the steering wheel, is to remove any paint that might be left on the wheel as well as correct any small dents or other imperfections. Try to get rid of everything except for the base steering wheel in order to make priming and painting the wheel as easy as possible. Spray the wheel again with the paint preparing solution to make sure that you remove any oil from your hands that you might have just deposited. Allow the solution to dry.

3. Apply Primer

Apply a primer in the color that most closely matches the final color you want your steering wheel to be. Apply the primer in several light coats. Try to make sure that the primer is as smooth as possible and smooths out any imperfections in your wheel.

4. Apply the Topcoat

Once the last layer of your primer has totally dried, apply your topcoat. Choose a topcoat that is not epoxy based in order to make sure that it works well with most primers. This is going to be the final coat of paint that you apply so make sure that it is the color that you are going to want to use. Apply one or two layers. You shouldn’t need to paint too many layers due to your primer being a similar color to the topcoat. Allow the topcoats to dry. Reinstall the steering wheel and you are ready to go.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in auto repair like Wolfe’s Foreign Auto.

Car Acting Wonky? 4 Signs That It May Be Your Automatic Transmission

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There are many things that can go wrong with your car, but transmission trouble is among the worst kind of trouble. Why? It just costs so much to fix a transmission. It can cost over $3,000 to rebuild a transmission and well over $4,000 to replace one. What’s more, a faulty transmission can leave you stranded on the side of the road. So it’s very important to not ignore the warning signs. Following are four signs that it may be your transmission that’s making your car act funny. 


If you’re driving down the road and suddenly lose power — or you can hear the car revving but you’re not going very fast — your transmission could be slipping. A slipping transmission changes gear for no reason at all. It can even change when you’re driving at a steady rate of speed. In addition to loss of go power, you may hear whining from the engine as it struggles to perform in the new and very wrong gear. 


A bad transmission may shift very hard. If you notice that your car slams into gear with a noticeable thud or jerking motion when you put it in reverse or drive, your transmission could be bad. You can also experience rough shifting during acceleration or deceleration. Rough shifting can cause a rough and rocky ride. It even makes it difficult for your car to accelerate properly. You may notice that it takes you longer to reach a certain speed. 


If you press on the gas while your car is in drive and it doesn’t go anywhere for a few seconds, your transmission could be hesitating to engage. During the hesitation, you may hear your engine rev for a few seconds. After which, your car will start to move forward. The length of the pause can vary, but it usually doesn’t last an extremely long time. However, if your transmission has completely failed, it may never engage with your engine to move you forward. 


Transmission fluid is usually red in color. If you notice red fluid leaking from the bottom of your car, you could have a leak. Leaks on transmissions are not normal. Transmissions are sealed units that shouldn’t leak, and you should have leaks repaired as soon as possible. 

As you can see, a faulty transmission can make your car do all sorts of wonky things. If your car has been having any of the above symptoms, take your car to your local repair shop to have its transmission inspected or for transmission repair

3 Signs That Your Car Battery Is Going Dead

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Has your dashboard warning light that is shaped like a battery been coming on a lot lately? Unless there are simply loose battery terminal ends that can be repaired, it is likely time for you to invest in getting a new battery installed in your car. Take a look at this article to discover a few things that can go wrong with a car when the battery is going dead and can’t be recharged.

1. Constantly Needing a Jump

Although needing a jump for the battery every now and then does not mean that you need a new one, frequent jumps might mean that you do. If your battery is fully attached with no loose terminal ends, it should be able to power up your vehicle without many problems. If you find that you are asking other people for jumps almost every time you stop your vehicle, it is a big sign that the battery has become worn out. It is a good idea to invest in a new battery before your car stops starting altogether when you least expect it to happen.

2. The Engine Takes Long to Crank Up

In the ideal situation, a car engine should crank up on your first try, especially if there are no major problems of concern. When you have to attempt starting your vehicle several times before it finally cranks up, you might be dealing with a worn out battery. However, you must also keep in mind that slow cranking in cold weather is usually normal because oil takes longer to vaporize under such conditions. You should mostly be concerned about having worn out battery if the engine is slow to crank up even when it is warm outside. It is wise for you to get the battery inspected before investing in a new one in case the slow cranking is caused by a more serious problem.

3. Malfunctioning Electrical Components

You must understand that the battery in your car is responsible for making the electrical components work as they should.  You might notice that your power windows will only function once in a while when the battery is losing life. It is also possible for your radio to stop working if the battery is not powerful enough. All of the lights in your vehicle may occasionally go dim when a new battery is needed as well. Visit a local mechanic like Hub Auto Supply to find out if your car battery is damaged beyond repair and should be replaced.

A Few Reasons To Buy An Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

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Even if you are not mechanically inclined, there are some simple automotive repairs you can handle. The problem is usually knowing what is wrong and what needs to be repaired. To help you decipher what is wrong, you can purchase an automotive diagnostic scanner. In fact, there are a few good reasons you should have one of these tools around.

Check Engine Light

At some point, the check engine light in your vehicle will probably come on. Although it could be on due to something as simple as a loose gas cap, the catalytic converter could also be the culprit. A scanner will give you a code that you can look up in the manual or online to find the cause of the light being on. This will let you know if you can fix the problem yourself or if you need to take it to a shop for repairs. If it is something simple that you can fix, it is often a warning that something more serious is going to break down if you do not get it fixed right away.

Buying a Used Car

When you go to buy a used car, take along a scanner and hook it up to the vehicle. This can give you a good picture of the condition of the vehicle. The scanner can tell you when there are problems that do not cause the check engine light to come on. You may go for a ride and think everything is fine only to use the scanner and find something is wrong or about to be wrong. You can either negotiate a lower price for the vehicle or pass on buying it, depending on what is wrong and how much it would cost to have it fixed.

Performance Issues

Sometimes the vehicle is still running, but not the way it used to. You can hook up the scanner to find out if there is a problem with emissions or if there is an issue that is causing you to get poor gas mileage. Once you have the problem taken care of, you will save money on gas, and the car will operate smoother and better overall.

Having your own scanner means you can check things out for yourself before taking the automobile to a shop. You will know what is wrong and won’t be surprised when the technician gives you an estimate on the repair. In addition, if the shop is trying to tell you something else is wrong, you can go to a different shop for a second opinion so no one takes advantage of you and does work that is not needed. Contact a company like AA Automotive Diagnostic Solutions LLC for more info.