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Answering a Couple of Questions Concerning Salvage-Part Providers

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Finding replacement parts for your car can be a rather expensive task for you to have to do, but it can be essential for repairing your vehicle. Unfortunately, some individuals will overlook the option of opting for used parts from auto salvage providers. Luckily, you can be better prepared to weigh the viability of these options after you learn the answers to the following couple of questions about parts from auto salvage providers.

Can You Use Auto-Salvage Parts If You Do Not Know How to Pull a Part?

It can often be possible to lower the cost of a repair to your car by providing the mechanic with a suitable part. Unfortunately, some individuals may not consider using auto-salvage part providers because they may not know how to pull a part themselves. Luckily, most auto-salvage providers can offer their customers the service of finding and pulling parts on their behalf. While there will be an additional fee for this service, it will likely be far less than what you would pay for a new part.

If you opt to use these services, make sure that you understand the exact part that is needed for the car. Fortunately, your mechanic will be able to provide you with this information. You can simply hand over the document that your mechanic provided to you for the salvage provider, and the salvage provider will be able to know exactly where to find the part on their lot.  

Are Auto-Salvage Parts Reliable?

You may have concerns about the use of auto-salvage parts because of their reliability. However, you should be relieved to learn that most of these parts providers offer some level of warranty or exchange protection. This is especially true if you opted for the auto-salvage providers to pull the part. In these cases, if you find that the part is completely defective, you might be able to exchange it for another one. However, you will need to check with the part provider because the availability of these policies can vary from one provider to another.

Auto-salvage providers can be an excellent source of affordable replacement parts for your car. By making sure that you understand that many party providers will pull these parts for you and that it is common for there to be an exchange or warranty policy, you will find it easier to decide whether these services are a good choice for you. 

Contact a salvage-part provider like Fox Valley Iron Metal & Auto Salvage Inc for more information about the services they offer. 

Flat Tire Options

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Changing a flat tire always looks so simple when you see it done on TV. Jack up your vehicle, effortlessly twist off the lug nuts, and put on the tiny spare. You should barely get your hands dirty. The process may work that way for some people, but others find the process more difficult and intimidating. As a result, they may turn to other methods. If you don’t want to change a tire, you do have a few other options.


Fix-a-Flat products come in a can that can easily be stored in your trunk. They are simple to use, even if you are stuck by the side of a busy highway when your tire goes flat. You only need to remove the cap from the tire stem and use the fix-a-flat to temporarily inflate your tire. You can then safely drive on it until you reach a repair shop.

Using these products are convenient and can keep you out of physical danger, but they also come with some risk. The substance becomes quite hard and can, in some instances, damage your tire rims. You may, in fact, have to purchase new rims or wheels from a company such as Extreme Wheels. If your vehicle has a tire-pressure monitoring system, using this product can block the tiny hole that determines your tire’s pressure and damage your system. You will have to weigh the advantages versus the disadvantages of fix-a-flat products when your tire goes flat.

Roadside Assistance

There is no shame in admitting that fixing anything automotive is just not your strength. If you have roadside assistance coverage on your automobile policy, call your insurance company. They can generally have someone at your side in a matter of minutes to fix your tire at little or no cost to you. Depending on your policy, you may even have unlimited roadside assistance calls each year, so you do not have to save them for the “big stuff” like a blown engine. Of course, if you belong to an auto club, you should call them for help.

By all means, learn to change a tire if you wish. If you are ever stranded without a telephone, it’s a skill you may need. You may also want to learn for pride’s sake. However, don’t hesitate to take the easy way out if you can. Your tire will be changed safely and quickly, or you can temporarily solve the problem yourself without even breaking a sweat. In addition, you will protect your tires and rims. You won’t endanger yourself and others by ineptly jacking up the car near traffic, and you may save yourself from ruining your suit or dress.

Two Tips To Help You Get A Good Price On A New Car

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If you’re in the market for a brand new car, you most likely want the bells and whistles that a new car can provide, without an outrageous price tag.  Buying a new car can be a sound investment because it often comes with perks such as an extended warranty, and even manufacturer-provided roadside assistance.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of a new car; use this information to learn about two tips that can help you get a good deal when you’re ready to make your purchase.

Get A Pre-Approval

Arriving at the dealership with a pre-approved check can, in some cases, be a game changer.  You’ll already know how much your interest rate will be, and won’t have to rely on the finance options available at the dealership.

Pre-approvals are helpful during the car buying experience for many reasons.  For you, it acts as an automatic form of discipline, since you know that you can’t go over the preset limit.  Car dealerships like them because when you have a pre-approval in hand, they understand that you’ve already done some legwork and aren’t at the dealership to waste time: you want a car.  Although it would seem that anyone going to a car dealership is ready to buy, this just isn’t the case.  Some people want to kick tires or test drive several vehicles, just to see how they drive.  

The pre-approved check gives you some leeway when it comes to negotiating as well.  A sales person may be much more likely to negotiate a lower price on a new car when you have a pre-approval, since they wouldn’t want you to get away and go to a different dealership.

Know When To Buy

Buying a new car when there’s a sense of urgency in the air is a great way to get a good deal.  While you may think this pertains only to the end of the year push that many car dealerships encourage, it happens throughout the year as well.

For example, if you go to the dealership first thing in the morning, the salesperson may not be as quick to negotiate with you.  In their mind, they may think that they have all day to meet their sales goals.  However, if you visit the location at night and the salesperson hasn’t had much luck that day, they may be desperate for the sale, and this can work in your favor.  They may go into overdrive, working with the sales manager to devise a price for the new car that fits into your budget.  

Getting a new car doesn’t have to break the bank if you know what to do.  The next time you’re shopping new cars, keep these tips in mind so you can get a satisfactory deal.

Don’t Tire Our Your Tires: How To Make Them Last Longer

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As any car owner knows, high quality tires that work efficiently are essential to staying safe and sound on the road. The unexpected flat tire can happen to anyone who accidentally drives over a nail in the road, but proper tire care and maintenance can extend the life of most tires by years, according to Popular Mechanics. Here are some tips for helping your tires stay on the road longer.

Be Aware of How You Are Driving

Driving carefully is the primary responsibility of any driver, but it’s also important to take an awareness of how you are driving in ways that have an impact your tire longevity. If you regularly have to make sudden stops or ride your brakes, the wear on the tires can be immense. Try to avoid roads that have a lot of potholes, and stay off the roads in rough weather whenever you can.

Take Your Car to a Mechanic Regularly

It’s important to take your car to a mechanic that you trust on a regular basis. Not only can a mechanic help you maintain your vehicle overall, but they can also rotate your tires and otherwise help with tire maintenance. This tire rotation can help ensure that the wear is distributed evenly over all the tires. Tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Keep An Eye on Your Tires

In addition to taking your car to a mechanic for tire rotation and oil changes, you should also inspect your tires at least once per month. Keep the following things in mind during this visual inspection:

  • Look for any signs of damage to the bottom of the tires.
  • Watch out for sidewall cracks that may signify low inflation or damage from being in the sun.
  • Check out the tread depth.
  • Use an air pressure gauge to check the current tire pressure.

Store Your Tires Carefully

If you need to store your tires or extra spares that may later go on your vehicle, how you do so is very important. Improper storage can greatly decrease the life of the tires. When you need to store tires, it’s best to do the following:

  • Always store your tires indoors on in a shelter of some kind, never outside where they are exposed to the elements.
  • Make sure that your tires are covered and not exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays.
  • Maintain a stable temperature in the area where you are storing your tires.

Finally, keep in mind that it’s important to follow these tire care tips whether you’re driving a small economy car or an oversized truck. Consistent and thorough care and maintenance of your tires will help you enjoy fun times on the road for years to come.

Benefits Of Getting Your Car Detailed

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A professional car detailing goes so much further than a simple wash. It involves the interior and exterior conditioning of your vehicle and also brings a wealth of benefits to your vehicle and to your life. You should consider some of these benefits, explained below, and then get in touch with an auto detailing shop in your local area that can let you experience these benefits with your vehicle.  

Auto detailing can safeguard your vehicle from contaminants that can wear down your exterior

Each and every time that you take your vehicle out of the garage and onto the road, it comes into contact with the elements. These elements, such as wind, rain, pollen and dirt, slowly but surely strip away exterior paint and materials. A thorough vehicle detailing will protect your vehicle from this and will shield it from contaminants and oxidation. Even getting your vehicle waxed just two times per year can go a long way

Auto detailing can keep you and your passengers healthier

Auto detailing also goes a long way toward protecting the health and safety of you and your passengers. As you might guess, this can be incredibly important if you have a family and want to protect your sickness and infection prone children. Automobile interiors potentially carry millions of microorganisms and allergens that can make you sick. By getting your vehicle detailed, you will be getting rid of these germs and allergens, while also promoting excellent health practices each and every time that you use the vehicle.

Your car will be safer, lower maintenance and longer-lasting

When you get your auto glass cleaned from a vehicle detailing shop, it drastically increases the visibility that you enjoy. A great vehicle detail will also allow your car to move unobstructed, allowing you to accelerate and maneuver properly. In terms of your budget, you will pay less money on repairs if your vehicle is often detailed. You will not have to worry about replacing rusty doors with new ones, or allowing parts such as the engine or transmission to become corroded. In exchange, your car will also have parts that are longer-lasting, since rust and corrosion will not be an issue. This lets you maximize on the lifespan of your car and keep it for many years to come.

These tips explain why vehicle detailing is so critical. Speak to a vehicle detailing shop (such as Deluxe Detail & Window Tint) in your area so that you can try one out and start enjoying these benefits.

3 Reasons To Choose An Enclosed Vehicle Shipping Service

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If you are planning on having your car transported professionally — such as if you are moving to another state and will not be driving to your new home — you might be shopping around to find the best vehicle transport service. There are a lot of vehicle transport services out there, and they all do things a little differently. One big difference is the type of truck that each company uses to transport the vehicles. Even though the various types of trucks all have their benefits, there is one that you will probably find to be the best for your vehicle’s transport — an enclosed truck.

With an enclosed truck, your vehicle will be fully enclosed rather than sitting on the back of a truck where it can be visible to others on the road. Here are a few reasons why this is ideal.

1. Help Prevent Your Paint Job from Being Damaged

First of all, you have to think about your vehicle’s paint job. If it’s transported on a truck that is not enclosed, you have to worry about the possibility of a rock or some other sort of debris flying up and hitting it, causing a scratch or dent. Depending on how long the trip will take and what the weather conditions will be, you also have to worry about the sun beating down on your car and potentially causing fading. If your vehicle is in an enclosed truck, however, you don’t have to worry about your paint job being at risk.

2. Avoid the Possibility of Your Vehicle Falling Off of the Truck

Another possibility that you have to think about is your car falling off of a truck that is not enclosed. Even though a reputable company will take every precaution to prevent this from happening, things do happen. If your car is a classic, is unique for some reason or other, or has a lot of sentimental value, it may not be able to be replaced if this happens, even if the transport company has insurance.

3. Help Prevent Theft

Lastly, you have to realize that the person who will be driving the transport truck may have to stop along the journey. He or she might have to stop and fuel up, stop for an overnight in a hotel, or otherwise leave your vehicle unattended while it’s loaded up on the truck. If your car is in an enclosed truck, there is less of a chance of the car itself being stolen or of someone stealing something out of the vehicle.

As you can see, an enclosed vehicle shipping service can be a wonderful option. These are just a few reasons to consider asking for an enclosed truck when you are shopping around for various vehicle shipping companies that provide the services that you need.

For more information, contact professionals like Marv’s Quality Towing Inc.

How The Executor Of An Estate Can Get A Replacement Title For A Deceased Person’s Vehicle

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One of the main duties of an executor of an estate is to liquidate the estate’s assets. The money raised by the liquidation is used to pay back the creditors of the deceased person and to give the rest to the beneficiaries of the estate. This would include selling any vehicles that have been turned over to the estate for liquidation. The process of selling the vehicles can be hampered if you can’t find the title to one or more of the vehicles. A car title acts as the official proof of ownership in most states and you won’t be able to sell the vehicle without one. If you are an executor of an estate in Virginia and you need to get a replacement title for a vehicle so you can sell it, here is an overview of the process you will have to follow to get the replacement.

Legal Documents

The first thing you will have to do is prove that you have the authority to act on behalf of the estate to get the new title. The authority to act as an executor is given in one of two ways: you are appointed by the deceased person to act as their executor in the will, or a court appoints you to act as the executor. You will need to supply a copy of the will, or the appointment papers, when requesting a new title for a car you want to liquidate.

Form VSA 66

You will be required to fill out form VSA 66, which is called an “Application for Supplemental Liens or Transfer Liens for Replacement and Supplemental Titles”. The executorship papers give you the authority to sign the form on behalf of the deceased person. You will file this form along with copies of the executorship appointment papers, or will, and a certified or notarized death certificate to the state.


Any liens on the vehicle must be paid off before a clean title is issued that will allow you to transfer the ownership it to a buyer. Probate laws might affect your ability to sell other assets from the estate to pay off the existing liens as creditors have to be given time to make claims against the estate. Creditors can file a claim up until a “Debt and Demands” hearing as taken place. In this case, you can either loan money to the estate to pay off the liens, or you can wait until the estate has been fully probated so you can sell assets and use the money raised as you see fit.

You can sell the car once you get all the proper documentation together and all the liens are paid off. Contact a business, such as Vintage Titles, for more information.   

Rust: Identifying And Preventing It Before It Affects Your Car

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Rust is not only unsightly, it can also cause serious damage to the body of your car. Once rust begins, it cannot be stopped and will spread quickly as it eats away at the metal of your vehicle, causing irreparable damage. People who live in areas with a lot of snowy weather or near the ocean tend to be the most susceptible to dealing with rust issues. The key to having a rust-free car is to be able to recognize it and then stop it before it spreads.

Causes Of Rust

Whenever you drive over rocky terrain or when debris from the road hits the underside of your vehicle, it causes tiny nicks and scratches in the paint to form. As the paint gets chipped away, it exposes bare metal underneath. Over time, the metal will rust especially when it gets wet or affected by salt from the road after snow removal or salt from ocean water. As the rust starts to eat away at the metal, it begins to spread and can cause holes in your automobile’s body and undercarriage. Dirt and grime that sticks to your car can collect moisture. Any moisture that settles and sits atop metal is another common cause for rusting. 

How To Spot Rust

Many times, people aren’t aware that rust has affected their vehicle until there are gaping holes or even chunks of metal that begin to fall off or come loose. Often, rust forms underneath your vehicle where you don’t normally look. Be aware of your area’s weather and road conditions and monitor the undercarriage of your car every few months, particularly if the weather has been snowy or you live in close proximity to the ocean. Both of these situations have conditions that make the possibility of rust more likely. Look under your wheel wells, behind the tires, and behind your fenders. These areas are also very common places where rust starts to form.

Preventing Rust

In order to be sure that rust won’t cause serious damage to your car, you’ll need to take preventative measures to either prevent it completely or stop it from spreading further. Undercoating rust protection sealants can be applied to the underbody of your car that will provide it with a protective layer. Just be aware that these sealants can wear off over time and should be reapplied every so often depending on how badly it’s been worn down. A great way to keep rust at bay is to simply have touch up paint on hand and whenever you notice any scratches or nicks in your paint, touch it up immediately. The new paint will keep that area protected and sealed before it’s too late. Wash your car’s undercarriage and wheel wells once a month to keep it clean and free of dirt and debris. With a few simple preventative measures, you have a good chance of stopping rust before it starts.

Why Is Your Roof Leaking?

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Contrary to what you might think, a roof leak is not always caused by missing or damaged shingles. In fact, most of the time when a roof is leaking, the shingles will appear to be just fine! Here’s a look at some more common causes you should consider when water starts trickling in from above.

Cracked or Damaged Flashing

Flashing is sheets of metal that are fitted around chimneys and into joints in your roof. If the flashing becomes damaged, water can seep in underneath it and ultimately leak into your home. Flashing damage can range from rust to cracks in the metal and peeling of the flashing away from the home. You can fix small spots of damage by applying a coat of roofing sealant over the damaged area. (Follow package instructions on the roofing sealant). However, if the damage is over a larger area of the flashing – for instance if a crack runs through the entire piece of flashing – you may want to have your roofing company replace the flashing entirely.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are supposed to direct water off of the roof so it does not pool. If they don’t work properly, water may accumulate on the roof in stagnant pools. And a pool of water can slowly seep through tiny cracks and nail holes. Climb up onto a ladder and check to ensure there’s no debris like leaves or dirt clogging your gutters. If you spot debris, scoop it out. Check to make sure your downspouts are working by pouring water into your gutter and watching to make sure it runs out the downspout. If the downspout itself is clogged, you can remove it and use a long wire, broom handle, or similar item to push the debris through it.

A Poorly Sealed Skylight

If you have a skylight and your roof is leaking anywhere near where the skylight is installed, you can bet the skylight is the issue. The water won’t always come in right by the skylight. It may trickle down a support beam and then leak into your home a few feet away. Skylights need to be carefully installed in order to prevent water from leaking in around them. If your roofing contractor did not seal the skylight properly – or if they did not install wide enough flashing – this could be letting water seep through. If your skylight is older, the leak is a sign it’s time to have it inspected and re-sealed.

If your roof is leaking, don’t just assume it’s the shingles. Often, the flashing, gutters, or skylight are to blame. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

Car Stereos 101: 4 Add-Ons To Consider Incorporating In To Your Audio System

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A high-quality car stereo system is an important feature for many vehicle owners. In today’s world, these systems do far more than just play music. While this is very handy, it can also make choosing a car stereo difficult. Fortunately, you can make your selection easier by knowing what features you want in your audio system. 

So what features should you consider adding to your car stereo system? Here are four handy features:

1. GPS System

If you like to go on road trips, a GPS navigation system might be something you should consider. These handy systems will give you turn-by-turn directions to anywhere you need to go. While you can get these systems separately, you can also get them integrated directly in to your stereo system. If you opt for the integrated system, you will likely need a touch-screen display—so keep that in mind.

2. HD and Satellite Radio

Another feature you might want to consider incorporating in to your audio system is HD and satellite radio. These two radio services offer you plenty of music, news, and sports broadcasts to choose from. You can also listen in high-definition quality, which ensures that everything you listen to will be crystal clear. While these features certainly aren’t necessary, they can be handy if you enjoy listening to a variety of tunes or podcasts. 

3. Audio Inputs

You should also consider the type of music you like to listen to on a regular basis. If you just listen to CD’s, you won’t need anything above a standard stereo system. However, if you like to listen to music from an MP3 player or your smart phone, you might want to consider a system that features auxiliary-input jacks. Additionally, you might want to consider adding a place to charge your devices; as using them to stream music can take its toll on their batteries.

4. DVD Capabilities

Finally, you might want to consider adding a DVD playback feature to your stereo system. While not necessary, this can be incredibly handy for long road trips. Additionally, these can be very handy for keeping children entertained. If you do choose to add this feature, make sure that you get an additional screen so that riders can view the movie from all seats.

While choosing a car stereo system (such as one from Safe & Sound) might seem easy, it can quickly become overwhelming with all of the options available today. If you are interested in purchasing a new system for your vehicle, make sure you consider adding one (or all) of these options. Not only will adding these increase the value of your vehicle, but they will also make driving easier and more enjoyable.