Flat Tire Options

Changing a flat tire always looks so simple when you see it done on TV. Jack up your vehicle, effortlessly twist off the lug nuts, and put on the tiny spare. You should barely get your hands dirty. The process may work that way for some people, but others find the process more difficult and intimidating. As a result, they may turn to other methods. If you don’t want to change a tire, you do have a few other options.


Fix-a-Flat products come in a can that can easily be stored in your trunk. They are simple to use, even if you are stuck by the side of a busy highway when your tire goes flat. You only need to remove the cap from the tire stem and use the fix-a-flat to temporarily inflate your tire. You can then safely drive on it until you reach a repair shop.

Using these products are convenient and can keep you out of physical danger, but they also come with some risk. The substance becomes quite hard and can, in some instances, damage your tire rims. You may, in fact, have to purchase new rims or wheels from a company such as Extreme Wheels. If your vehicle has a tire-pressure monitoring system, using this product can block the tiny hole that determines your tire’s pressure and damage your system. You will have to weigh the advantages versus the disadvantages of fix-a-flat products when your tire goes flat.

Roadside Assistance

There is no shame in admitting that fixing anything automotive is just not your strength. If you have roadside assistance coverage on your automobile policy, call your insurance company. They can generally have someone at your side in a matter of minutes to fix your tire at little or no cost to you. Depending on your policy, you may even have unlimited roadside assistance calls each year, so you do not have to save them for the “big stuff” like a blown engine. Of course, if you belong to an auto club, you should call them for help.

By all means, learn to change a tire if you wish. If you are ever stranded without a telephone, it’s a skill you may need. You may also want to learn for pride’s sake. However, don’t hesitate to take the easy way out if you can. Your tire will be changed safely and quickly, or you can temporarily solve the problem yourself without even breaking a sweat. In addition, you will protect your tires and rims. You won’t endanger yourself and others by ineptly jacking up the car near traffic, and you may save yourself from ruining your suit or dress.

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